Souvenirs For Sirius

‘Souvenirs For Sirius’ is the first project released by Outwork Store in support of Sydney’s Sirius building — an iconic piece of brutalist architecture that is currently facing the wrecking ball.

This capsule collection of shirts, bags and accessories incorporates the kitschy souvenir aesthetic of yesteryear, while the accompanying tribute clip is a nostalgic nod to amateur tourist footage of holidays gone by.

Built during the late 1970s and opened in 1980, the Sirius social housing development was both progressive for its time and a landmark example of the controversial brutalist movement. The building overlooks the historic laneways of The Rocks in Sydney, and has been integral to the surrounding area on a social level. Over the years, and with its fate hanging in the balance, architects and the wider community have really embraced the Sirius building and are determined to preserve and protect it.

A percentage of all sales for this project will be donated to the Save Our Sirius Foundation.

Paul Conley